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Did you know that for shopping at most popular market places online you can get some of your money back for FREE? That’s right! I didn’t know it either, until a good man told me this awesome secret to save on everything on buy online.

I would like to share this amazing way of money saving with you. It’s the Mr. Rebates. If you are so anxious and cannot wait to start saving money right away, then you can simply click on the yellow picture of the Mr. Rebates on the right. Otherwise keep reading to learn how it works.

If I was to say it all in two words, I would say “Very Easy!”. Here are the simple steps to start saving.

Easy Steps:

  1. Click Here to go to the Mr. Rebates website.
  2. In the top right corner of the website locate the “Register” link, and create your account. It takes up to 30 seconds to complete that simple form.
  3. You are almost done! On the left side in search box type in the store or website name that you are about to shop and click “Search”. For example for just type “eBay”.
  4. When you find the store you are looking for, just click on it.

That’s it. Now you can buy anything from that store and get percentage of your money back. It’s percentage, not a fixed price. That means that more you pay for the product, more you get back. I am talking about up to even 20% back. From eBay you get easy 3%. You should complete these 4 steps only one time. After you have created your account, you only have to do steps 3 and4.

You are probably now wondering if you can use both, eBay Bucks 2% cash back and Mr. Rebates 3%. The answer is Yes. All together you can get 5% of the amount you pay back in your pocket. Isn’t that amazing?

I recently found a Walmart gift card worth of $500 for only $430 using eBay Agent. That’s right, I wasn’t sitting there refreshing the page whole day to see if anyone posted new deals, eBay Agent did it for me, and as soon as some one posted the gift card, I got alerted, and bought the card. You ave to be quick though, because deals like this don’t last longer than 30 seconds. Yes, seconds. So let’s calculate how much I really saved on the card. $70 bucks straight + $12.9 from Mr. Rebates + $8.60 (2% eBay Bucks). That’s $91.5 of savings all together. It come out to be 18.3% OFF. Nothing can beat that discount.

That’s right, folks, if you are using all the right tools, you can simply save lots of money doing nothing.


Now remember these three tools. eBay Agent, Mr. Rebates and eBay Bucks.

But wait, that’s not it! eBay is not the only place where you can get cash back. With Mr. Rebates you can have amazing discounts at hundreds of popular online stores, such as Sears, Best Buy, Target,,, New Egg, and so much more. So don’t hesitate and follow these easy steps to start saving today.

EDIT: MrRebates is not giving cash back on eBay any more. Sad, but you still have eBay Agent and eBay Bucks.

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