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Release Version 1.4.51

I am please to release another great update to eBay Agent. This release, like in no other previous releases, has a lot of changes and updates. Here is the list of all of them:

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Fixes errors, which occured when trying to change notification sound.
  2. Fixed issue that occured when a user was on a second or greater page of a search result, then clicked on one of the deals, then clicked the back button. The page number was getting reset to page one.
  3. Fixed issue with selected country. It would not change to correct one in certain situations.
  4. Fixed a crash bug that happened during deal status update if at least one deal was deleted after deal update cycle has started.


  1. Improved a data transfer speed by rewriting an HTTP client.
  2. Improved the connection speed by staying connected to eBay (instead of disconnection and reconnecting for every HTTP request).
  3. Improved the time required to detect the Internet connection. Not it takes even less than a second for high speed connections.
  4. Implemented a new eBay API, which works a little faster and has more features.
  5. The new API reports new deals much sooner than old one, giving you more time to buy the item before some one else gets it.
  6. Removed “Item Condition” filter from search form. Item condition filter will be available in the upcoming aspect filter, which is available in the new API.
  7. eBay Agent now detects your country for better user experience.
  8. Added eBay Authorization functionality for upcoming features, such as “Auction Sniper”.

This is it for now. We have received a few requests from our users about adding some more new features, but they may be available in future updates. Make sure you update your copy of eBay Agent when you are notified of a new version to get the best from eBay marketplace.

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