Release Version 1.3.36

A new release just came out with a bunch of fixes and few added features. Keep reading to learn what new in version 1.3.36

Features Added

  1. Users are now able to change the notification sound in Settings > Sounds.
  2. eBay Agent now supports MP3 file types, therefore sound notifications can be in WAV or MP3 file formats.

Bug Fixed

  1. Items search from a specific seller would not start when keywords were absent.
  2. Country remained the same when you click on a deal, which is set up for a different country that is selected.
  3. Fixed a critical error, which prevented eBay Agent from detecting valid Internet connection. The issue was caused by changes in eBay’s API.
  4. Fixed an error message “Unable to cast object of a certain type to a different type”.
  5. Fixed an error in animation, which caused an error message to pop up from time to time.


  1. Spelling error was fixed in one of labels.
  2. When form is cleared, the red message “No items are found” did not hide, but it should.

Enjoy the new version, and tell us what you think. We always try to make you say “WOW!”

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