Release Version 1.3.27

New update v1.3.27 with improved performance was released today. The performance was improved by utilizing multi-threading capability of modern computers.


  1. When checking for many deals, it takes a little while to check for each deal, therefore during that time the program was not responding. The more deals you have, the longer the program wouldn’t respond. It is now fixed by cheeking for new deals on a separate thread (in a separate process), which does not interrupt user interface responsiveness.
  2. When no items were found, the message would pop up stating it. Now the message will not pop up, but instead red text will appear saying that no items are found. It should be more convenient.

Bugs Fixed

  1. When no items are found, the Search button remained disabled

You are more than welcome to submit more requests for improvements and bug fixes. Go to “Report Bugs” page to let us know what’s on your mind.

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