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Release Version 1.3.25

eBay Agent v1.3.25 is now available.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. When clicked OK in application settings, the program would crash in certain condition (When windows start up is unchecked, and was unchecked before).
  2. When form is cleared and then refresh button is pressed, the program would crash.
  3. When sub category is selected, and then search form is submitted, the category would reset to “All Categories”.


  1. When searching is finished, the search result information, such as subcategories, items found, and pages, are displayed before items are being loaded.
  2. In order to have categories all in one place,  category drop down box was moved to the same side widget where only subcategories use to be.
  3. Current subcategory will be shown in red color to stand out.

Added Features:

  1. When the program is minimized and a new instance of program is opened, the existing instance program will restore to it’s previous state (maximize or restore from minimized state).
  2. When program is out of focus and user double clicks on the tray icon, the program becomes visible (in front of all other programs)
  3. When subcategories are removed and then new ones are displayed, subcategory widget height is animated to give it more pleasant look and feel.

Enjoy the new release. Many of these fixes and improvements were possible thanks to our users who submit bug report and help us improve eBay Agent.

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