Release Version 1.2.8

eBay Agent v1.2.8 came out on May 25th, 2010. Read on to learn about changes and improvements made in this release.

Features Added:

  1. Added a button to dismiss red notifications about all new deals. This red notification was added in previous version to allow user to see which one of many deals was found. When you run eBay Agent and many deals are found, they all will be in red. Instead of clicking on each one of them, now you can dismiss that notification by single click of a button “Dismiss Current Notification”, which is located in left sidebar.


  1. Have you noticed that some times it takes even over 20 seconds for the program to connect to internet before you can so search? This improvement made that time much shorter, approximately 1-3 seconds.

If you find any more errors that should be fixed, or have an idea how to improve eBay Agent further, report your ideas to us, and we will try to realize them as soon as possible. We always try to make eBay Agent as easy to use as possible, while making it flexible and useful at the same time.

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