Release Version 1.2.4

New version of eBay Agent 1.2.4 came out on Friday, May 21st, 2010.

Features Added:

  1. Hot Deals are now highlighted in red, to let you know which one is new. They will stay red until you click on it, or until the deal is gone. This should avoid clicking on each one to see which one is new.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Auto-update program would run eBay Agent after the update. This caused eBay Agent not to display existing deals and favorites. Now user will have to run eBay Agent manually after update is completed.
  2. Popular searches list did not react on mouse click because of quickly setting focus to search text box. Now you can click on a list item to select the item you want without hitting Down key multiple times.

Feature #1 was recommended by one of eBay Agent user. You can also contribute to eBay Agent development by posting your recommendations below, or reporting any bugs.

2 Responses
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to “Release Version 1.2.4”

  1. John says:

    Wow, I was waiting to see this update since I didn’t know which deal is last one, and this update it’s just like 123 to use this program. Thanks to the software developer

    • admin says:

      You are very welcome, John. I hope you make use of this update, and tell others about eBay Agent as well.

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