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Release Version 1.2.12

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Fixed location of the popular searches auto drop down list. It use to be too low to even notice it.
  2. Fixed one issue where program would crash in certain cases while searching.


  1. Dramatically improved memory management and memory consumption. Now eBay Agent is not memory hungry anymore. Before, when you search for something and you just flip through pages, by the time you get to page 20, the program was really slow even on fast machines. Not any more.
  2. Improved “Popular Searches” drop down to display more relevant hints.
  3. Tiny visual improvement of a categories breadcrumb.

Features for version 2.0:

  1. The Auction Sniper every one loves. With state of the art simplicity you will be able to have the agent bid for the item in last seconds of the auction even while you sleep. It was never as easy to Win an auction for lowest possible price. Please be little more patient. Auction Sniper will be available in the very next version.

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