How to Uninstall eBay Agent From Computer

This tutorial will demonstrate how to remove eBay Agent application from your computer. It may take up to few minutes on slower computers.

Windows Vista/7 users:

  1. Click on Start button
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. If icons are sorted by categories, then click on “Uninstall a program” link in “Programs” category. If items are ordered alphabetically, then double click on “Programs and Features” icon.
  4. Right-click on eBay Agent, then select “Uninstall” option from menu. (You may have to click “OK” if a dialog box will ask you to continue).

Windows XP Users:

  1. Click on Start button
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Double-click on “Add Remove Programs icon
  4. Find and right-click on eBay Agent
  5. Select “Uninstall”

After completing these steps you should not see an eBay Items icon on your desktop or in your programs.

Please leave a comment below explaining what made you remove eBay Agent from your computer. We would like to make customer service as good as possible.

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