Get Paid to Shop Online

That’s right. You can get paid to shop online. Of course you shop for your own money, but you can get some of your money back. For example when you shop on eBay you can get  3% back on all your purchases in addition to eBay Bucks cash back, or how about 3% Back when you shop in Target.

This is not Mr. Rebates or Bing Cash Back any more. It’s eBates. eBates supports even more merchants and offers even more percent of your money back at many online store then any other cash back program.

Here is a short list of popular online stores available at eBates:

Here is how it works:

  1. Visit eBates website
  2. Create an Account with your email and password. It takes about 10 seconds to sign up
  3. Find the store where you want to shop from the eBates Merchants list
  4. Click on the store name or coupon to visit the store
  5. eBates will automatically credit your eBates account with all your cash back earnings.
  6. Withdraw your money to your PayPal account or check by mail for FREE.

It can’t be any easier to save money doing nothing. You can even buy goods and services for your friends to get cash back on their purchases as well. Imagine how much cash you could have saved before if you knew about this cash back thing. Don’t make another mistake and sign up today. You may not have any shopping on your mind at this moment, but you should still sign up in case you will be shopping later, you wont forget to use eBates to get your cash back.

We would like to hear from you how much you were able to save with eBates. Please post your testimonials below.

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