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Free eBay Store on Facebook

eBay Items Facebook Tab for Pages

eBay Items Facebook Tab for Pages

There is always a need for eBay sellers to sell more. More customers equals to more purchases, which results in more profit. But there is a limited number of steps an average eBay seller can afford in order to get more customers. Recently we have created a great Facebook application “eBay Items“, which does exactly what eBay sellers need – brings more customers.

eBay Items Facebook App allows you to add a tab to your Facebook page, where visitors will see your items for sale on eBay at real time. All items are nicely formatted and display item photo, title, remaining time, and a visitor of your Facebook page can click on the item to buy it or place a bid.

eBay Items app is especially useful for those Facebook users who want to post eBay items on the wall of their page, because you can click a “Share” button for each eBay item, and the listing information, including the picture, are posted right on your wall, and everyone who likes your page will see the listing.

It’s important to note that eBay Items app is very easy to set up and simple to use. It doesn’t even require you to enter your eBay password. All you have to do is enter your eBay user name, and all your eBay items will be displayed on your page in a separate tab, called “eBay Items”. It is not only easy for you to set up, but also easy for your visitors to view your items in multiple pages an interactive design. Your visitors can even share your items with their friends.

If you would like to explore more available options, you can type in keywords to filter out some or most o your items. You can sort items by price in ascending/descending order, by relevance to keywords, by listing date and ending time. You can even select a price range to filter out too expensive or too cheap items. These are only few options from all that are available. You should explore the rest of options to show more specific items only, or stay simple and show all items. You are in control.

No meter how many words i say, it is better to see it than to hear about it. Click Here to get start showing your eBay items on Facebook today, and make more money than before. The more users you attract to your page, more buyers you will have. It’s that simple. So far it has 5 star rating on Facebook. Everyone just loves it.

Here are few reviews written by other Facebook users, who are using eBay Items Facebook application already:

Very happy with it!” -by Susana Franchy Tiplady

Finally, An ebay facebook app that actually WORKS! It takes two seconds to get it working. Amazing.” -by Skazy Us

This app is Great, many thanks!” – by Lester Lennox

Long awaited,fantastic.” – by Shaylee Purelooks

YAY brilliant thank you” – by Calley ‘Raspberry’ Bryson

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