Release Version 1.4.51

I am please to release another great update to eBay Agent. This release, like in no other previous releases, has a lot of changes and updates. Here is the list of all of them: Bugs Fixed: Fixes errors, which occured when trying to change notification sound. Fixed issue that occured when a user was on […]

Release Version 1.3.36

A new release just came out with a bunch of fixes and few added features. Keep reading to learn what new in version 1.3.36 Features Added Users are now able to change the notification sound in Settings > Sounds. eBay Agent now supports MP3 file types, therefore sound notifications can be in WAV or MP3 […]

Release Version 1.3.27

New update v1.3.27 with improved performance was released today. The performance was improved by utilizing multi-threading capability of modern computers. Improvements When checking for many deals, it takes a little while to check for each deal, therefore during that time the program was not responding. The more deals you have, the longer the program wouldn’t […]

Release Version 1.3.26

Only one bug is fixed in this release, but we decided to make it available as soon as possible, because it’s a major bug, and should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent future frustrations of current users. Fixes: A major bug was fixed, and everyone should get this update, because this bug was […]

Release Version 1.3.25

eBay Agent v1.3.25 is now available. Bugs Fixed: When clicked OK in application settings, the program would crash in certain condition (When windows start up is unchecked, and was unchecked before). When form is cleared and then refresh button is pressed, the program would crash. When sub category is selected, and then search form is […]

Release Version 1.2.17

Congrats! eBay Agent is now better than ever. Bugs Fixed: Popular searches drop down list would not hide when user clicks anywhere on the application. When price if very high and eBay sends it in scientific notation form, the program would crash. Exclude keywords field was not working at all. When user clicks on forward […]

Release Version 1.2.12

Bugs Fixed: Fixed location of the popular searches auto drop down list. It use to be too low to even notice it. Fixed one issue where program would crash in certain cases while searching. Improvements: Dramatically improved memory management and memory consumption. Now eBay Agent is not memory hungry anymore. Before, when you search for […]

Release Version 1.2.8

eBay Agent v1.2.8 came out on May 25th, 2010. Read on to learn about changes and improvements made in this release. Features Added: Added a button to dismiss red notifications about all new deals. This red notification was added in previous version to allow user to see which one of many deals was found. When […]

Release Version 1.2.4

New version of eBay Agent 1.2.4 came out on Friday, May 21st, 2010. Features Added: Hot Deals are now highlighted in red, to let you know which one is new. They will stay red until you click on it, or until the deal is gone. This should avoid clicking on each one to see which […]

Release Version 1.2.0

Version 1.2.0 came out on May 14th, 2010. Features Added: Intellisense or Auto-complete for search text box. The Auto-complete hints are loaded from eBay in real time as you type a search query. Bugs Fixed: As you upgrade to this version, auto updater will not run eBay Agent after the update because of the tiny […]

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