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How to Save Money with eBay Agent



This is easy. If you buy at eBay, there are 2 ways to save money on your purchases.

One way is to add the item of your interest to favorites, and don’t bid on it until about 30-10 seconds before auction ends (for auction style only). eBay agent will help you not to miss the auction by reminding you with sound notifications.

The second way to save big on your purchases using BuyItNow is to set up a deal item, then wait until some one posts that item, for your specified price or lower, then you will get sound notification as soon as the item becomes available, so nobody else can buy it before you. Depending on the deal you want, it may take a while until someone posts that item. eBay is a magical place.

How to Make Money with eBay Agent

One way to make money is to set up incredible deals for various items, for example Walmart gift card of $500 for as low as $450, and when such item gets posted for sale, you will get almost instant notification, so you can quickly get your hands on it, and then easily resell it for what it really worth, while keeping your profit. This is one of the most popular ways to use eBay Agent. Get to know what eBay Agent can do, and use your imaginations. With eBay Agent your imaginations can go far.

What Others Are Saying

“Wow, thanks to eBay Agent I was able to buy a Walmart gift card of $500 for only $425 + 2% back with eBay Buck + 5% more from MrRebates. This is Amazing!” – Dimitry K.

“Now with eBay Agent i search for eBay items much faster, and now I am the one who sets the price.” – Stephani A.

“Using eBay Agent I saved so much time finding great favorite deals” – Jim Z.

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